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This seems very straightforward but it requires clear thinking and the ability to express that in straightforward language, syntax and presentational structure.

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The same basic structure will be used whether the applicant is applying for a vacancy with a company or a place on a college course.

Academic essays are the most common means of continuous assessment used by educational bodies as they show a students ability to address a topic or question having researched it thoroughly.

An argumentative essay puts forward a strong statement which may be new or potentially provocative and uses the standard essay format to expand on and support the thesis with evidence which attempts to persuade the reader that the opening statement is correct whilst acknowledging other arguments.

A cause and effect essay deals with why something occurs and the results of this.

Of all essay types, the descriptive essay is the one which requires most creative writing ability as it is based on the ability of the writer to facilitate the visualization of a scene, evoking sensory reactions and responses.

Much of the writing will be adjectival but the use of other semantic fields, such as adverbial, will also be employed.

It requires the writer to look at the similarities and differences between two or more subjects which may, in fact, be related under an ‘umbrella topic’.

For example, a Literature essay might require you to compare how two different writers approach the same theme by using the same genre.

A critical essay will typically be used to assess the merits and highlight points of interest in a piece of writing.

This will not necessarily be a pejorative evaluation, though we might normally think that being ‘critical’ implies this.


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