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Cecil is not so much in love with Lucy as he is in love with some idea of what a woman is supposed to be.He constantly compares her to a work of art, which, although it may be flattering, also objectifies her and ignores that she is a living person. Emerson's convictions is that man and nature are inextricable from each other, and only the mistakes of civilization separate man from his natural state.

Class snobbery is a constant feature of A Room with a View.

The Emersons, because they are not refined, are the most frequent victims of this snobbery.

A Room with a View is social commentary, but Forster's depictions of people are ultimately generous.

He gently mocks the Honeychurches for their bourgeois habits, but he does not shy from depicting their strengths.

But it is the only match that could make her happy. The British characters of the novel have very strong ideas about the need to repress passion and control young girls.

Her match with Cecil is far more conventional, but marriage to Cecil would destroy Lucy's spirit. To achieve happiness, Lucy will have to fight these standards, many of which she has internalized, and learn to appreciate her own desires.The conflict between social convention and passion is a central theme of the novel.Lucy's match with George, by social standards, is completely unacceptable. Emerson, a Socialist, speaks with great feeling about the importance of passion and the beauty of the human body.Lucy's relationship to her music is an important insight into her character.Her playing is an indication that she has untapped reserves of passion; Mr.Forster constantly uses the word "muddle" to describe Lucy's state of mind.The muddle arises when everything that one has been taught suddenly is thrown into doubt. Lucy's muddle is frightening and confusing, but in working through it she will become a stronger and wiser person.In the end, Forster appreciates his characters' goodness much more than he mocks their faults.Travel is a powerful force in the novel, and at its best it can be a life-altering experience.Lucy is not a rebel at heart, but she is often frustrated by the limitation put on her sex.Her marriage to Cecil could never be one between equals.


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