A Wrinkle In Time Book Report Summary

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At various points, Soviet rule included imprisonment, execution, manipulation of historical truths, thought control, and repression of human rights (including religious freedom, rights of property, and freedom of speech).Americans saw democracy as the form of government that offered true freedom - the antithesis of communism.Madeleine L’Engle’s best-known novel has been a staple in literature classes for decades.

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Although the book glosses over specifics, it introduces the idea of a tesseract and a “wrinkle” in the space-time continuum.

This is a concept that is still in vogue today in a number of space movies and superhero dramas.

Charles Wallace says he knew she would come down, and Meg wonders how he knew. Meg is suspicious of this old woman, but makes her a sandwich anyway.

Charles Wallace always seems to be able to tell what she is thinking. Meg no longer feels fearful, and her mother tries to encourage her not to feel so bad about herself. Whatsit, and says she and her two friends live in a house in the woods that is said to be haunted.

Throughout their time on Camazotz, the characters discover the pitfalls of sameness and learn to value their unique differences.

A Wrinkle In Time Book Report Summary

Before reading the novel, students may explore the history of the Cold War and discuss ideas of freedom and oppression. Everyone thinks he is dumb, but Meg and her parents know that is not so. Murry, who is a scientist, that there is such as thing as a tesseract.Just as compelling as the exciting adventure is the character development of the protagonists, who discover their own strengths and weaknesses along the course of their journey.The novel is particularly appropriate for middle school and young teens due to its exploration of common teen issues, including self-doubt, identity struggles, sense of belonging, and personal growth.A Wrinkle in Time was published in 1962 during the height of the Cold War.Competition with and fear of the Soviet Union influenced the daily lives of all Americans. Whatsit On a dark and stormy night, twelve-year-old Margaret Murry sits on the foot of her bed in the attic and watches the storm. She offers no explanation of what she means, but Mrs. Analysis This chapter introduces several of the main characters in the story and gives them distinct identities. Charles has his own kind of maturity and knowledge, but it is of a different kind than is recognized by conventional society.Except for her, everyone in the house, including her twin brothers Sandy and Dennys, and her baby brother Charles Wallace, is asleep. Murry obviously recognizes the term, and is shocked. It also introduces two elements of mystery, and subtly announces two of the main themes of the novel. Everyone thinks he is stupid, but of course he is not.As she, her brother, who is called Charles Wallace, along with Mrs.Who, What, and Which, plus a neighbor named Henry, go on a mission to save her father and to try to stop IT from consuming everything.


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