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Non-Heritage Level 1021st Place: Timothy Hartmann2nd Place: Nicholas Sun3rd Place: Olympia Christofinis Honorable Mention: Philip Wythe Non-Heritage Level 2021st Place: Raul Aguilar2nd Place: Tristan Kernan3rd Place: Anthony Arias-Amaya Heritage Level 2081st Place: Margarita Brown2nd Place: Marina Shayevich3rd Place: Irada Yunusova Level 302/4021st Place: Iulia Bardareanu2nd Place: Dmitry Styrkas3rd Place: Tatiana Bereznikova Honorable Mention: Kirill Abramov Second Place (Heritage Learners, Level 1) Anna Volski Third Place (Non-Heritage Learners, Level 1) Jason Kancylarz Honorable Mention (Non-Heritage Learners, Level 1) Raul Aguilar In this year's national contest, there were 946 essays submitted from 57 universities and colleges.Best Essay Heritage Anna Volski Non-heritage Level 1021st place Raul Aguilar2nd place Jessica Ackerman and Tristan Kernan3rd place David Gifford Honorable Mention: Lyutsiya Yokobchuk Non-Heritage Level 2021st place Jason Kancylarz2nd place Carolyn Czarnecki3rd place Mel Bandler Heritage Level 1081st place Irada Yunusova2nd place Mikhail Fishbeyn and Andrey Volfson3rd place Anne Kavalerchik Heritage Level 2081st place Danielle Levin2nd place Daniel Nazarenko3rd place Dina Finkel Level 3021st place Amanda Goen2nd place Solomiya Stebelska3rd place Daria Napolina Honorable Mention (Non-Heritage Learners, Level 3) Kyle S Barry First Place (Non-Heritage Learners, Level 2) Giselle Hsu and Solomiya Stebelska Second Place (Heritage Learners, Level 1) Maryna Sidykh In this year's contest, there were 1,057 essays submitted from 48 universities and colleges.Thee Department of Russian and Slavic Studies congratulates Daria Loginova for receiving the Bronze Medal (Category C, Level 3) in the ACTR National Post-Secondary Russian Essay Contest.

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In this year’s contest, there were 1366 essays submitted from 61 universities, colleges, and institutions across the nation.

, 2019, twelve of our undergraduate scholars received awards or honorable mentions by the Twentieth Annual National Post-Secondary Russian Essay Contest (NPSREC) organized by the American Council of Teachers of Russian (ACTR).

There are more than 140,000 Russian-speaking immigrants in Oregon and Washington. Russian is the second most sought-out language by employers in Oregon and Washington, and the second most commonly spoken language in the state of Oregon. The Russian program at PCC boasts the largest enrollment in the state for first and second year courses.

Census indicates that the Pacific Northwest has had the greatest influx of Russian-speaking immigrants anywhere in the nation over the last 10 years, making Russian one of the most commonly spoken languages in the region.

Three judges in Moscow read each essay and ranked the top 15 to 20% of essays. Three judges read each essay and independently ranked them.

Silver Medal (Heritage Learners, Level 2), Daniel Kats Bronze Medal (Heritage Learners of Other Slavic Languages, Level 2), Bogdana Bartkiv Non-heritage level 102 1st Place: Bogdana Bartkiv2nd Place: Amy Schwartz3rd Place: Marisa Gallicchio Honorable Mention: Cordelia Turner Non-heritage level 2021st Place: Mikaela Peters2nd Place: Brenda Rios3rd Place: Kurt Butka Heritage level 2081st Place: Michelle Chekunova2nd Place: Oksana Sokolova3rd Place: Daniel Kats Level 3021st Place: Kristina Beschastnova2nd Place: Mar Nikiforova3rd Place: Stephen Cholewka Level 4021st Place: Tatiana Bereznikova2nd Place: Irada Yusunova3rd Place: Raul Aguilar Honorable Mention: Ksenija Tihomirova Gold Medal (Heritage Learners, Level 4), Olga Dovhanyuk Honorable Mention (Heritage Learners, Level 5), Tatiana Bereznikova Honorable Mention (Heritage Learners, Level 4), Mar Nikiforova Honorable Mention (Non-Heritage Learners, Level 2), Aleksandra Wec Honorable Mention (Heritage Learners, Level 1), Dimitry Apollonsky In this year's national contest, there were 1,087 essays submitted from 68 universities, colleges, and institutions across the nation.This year, 1,366 essays were submitted by students from 61 different universities.The contest features three categories: heritage, non-heritage Slavic speaker, and non-Slavic.American Council of Teachers of Russian (ACTR) for essays they wrote as part of the 17th annual National Post-Secondary Russian Essay Contest.This year, 1,415 essays from 79 universities, colleges and institutions across the nation were submitted to the yearly writing contest.Over 100 students from 40 institutions throughout the United States win gold, silver, bronze, or honorable mention certificates.Congratulations to the winners of the Annual ACTR National Post-Secondary Russian Essay Contest.Aaa south jersey is as a scholarship program for greater. Annual ball The black tie ball is also being held at the Law Society will include a drinks reception, three course meal and entertainment.Street lighting provides a number of important benefits.Each essay was ranked by three judges in Russia, and often the resultswere simply too close to call.Each essay was ranked by three judges in Russia, and often the results were simply too close to call.


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