Animal Abuse Persuasive Essay

Animal Abuse Persuasive Essay-71
I believe that it is possible to divide animal cruelty into two categories: cruelty towards domestic and wild animals.When we domesticate animals, they become a part of our life. In simple words, they make our life easier and better.There are laws against cruelty to animals and the laws differ from state to state inside the United States.

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They always treated animals benevolently and not even a single soul in the animal world had ever been hurt by humans.

Their rights were respected wholeheartedly in fact animals took them for granted since……

How would we survive without milk, eggs, wool and other products provided by domestic animals?

How would we create cozy atmosphere in our homes without cats and dogs? I suppose, such forms of entertainment are sick because a normal person cannot feel pleased observing pain and suffering.

Thus, they have to work heavily for their entire life. Some cows, sheep, horses, pigs suffer from hunger or parasites. If we speak about huge farms that contain thousands of pigs, cows or chickens, the condition of such places is terrible. When a wild animal is captured, its psychics is damaged. You should know that animal trainers break an animal’s will or character in order to teach it perform tricks.

Hens have to live in small cages during their whole life. The worst torture for a wild animal is the life in a cage. Moreover, they cannot bear crowds of people who come to the zoo to watch at the wild animals.

Every animal is supposed to serve a human being in the particular way. Every type of animal cruelty is harmful to in physical or psychological way.

I will try to attract your attention to this urgent problem.

When writing an issue concerning a controversial topic like Animal Cruelty, it is important to know what information you should and should not include.

Choose a topic that concentrates on a specific aspect of Animal Cruelty.


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