Anti Thesis About Piracy

The piracy concept, whose illegality is not entirely clear to hardliners who resent the profits of record labels, becomes more than obvious when taken into consideration with the dangers of organised crime.

This clearly designates piracy as a global danger that increases the financial capabilities of terrorists.

Software Piracy Nowadays, software became part of our everyday life, running everything in the digital world from our PCs to the internet.

It is definitely the most valuable technology of the Information age.

The UK’s Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988, carry a two-tiered motive for copyright protection, which is the moral overtone of recognition of authorship and the right to yield benefit in the form of financial remuneration.

Aside from this, it is however clear that motives for piracy differ greatly.

On the one hand, there is the average individual seeking to save the cost of the product on the high street.

On the other hand, organised crime, at the serious end of the scale, represents far higher dangers than the mere placement of the music and video industry into a position of lost profits that jeopardise future film production.

There are three main types of piracy distribution via the internet.

The first in the web file transfer protocol (ftp), which is the process of creating a link-up to the site address that plays pirated music when accessed.


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