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Then the people ate from the tree of knowledge and became clever, so God punished them by booting them out of Eden.A 'good life' thereafter is to return to Paradise by being good, and obedient. What if they love their god-stolen knowledge and want to use it? Open your essay by stating your understanding of the question.For the Lady of Shallott they symbolise her isolation - cursed, she can only see the real world through a mirror which she weaves in a web. [read more]Almost the first story in the Bible is about Hubris.

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Here, a new bride unlocks the forbidden room in her husband's castle to find the murdered corpses of his former wives...

[read more] In an interview [with] Anna Katsavos, [Angela Carter] defines myth as “ideas, images, stories that we tend to take on trust without thinking what they really mean, without trying to work what (they) are really about.” According to Paulina Palmer, if on ...

English essay questions often allow the writer some leeway – so now’s the time to state how you interpret the question (unless it is blatantly obvious).

In some English essays, there is a need to show that your understanding is one among other possible interpretations....

mandy_lloyd | Friday May 02, 2014 Categories: KS4, Drama, Death of a Salesman, Hot Entries, Writing, Drama Analysis, AQA A Level English Literature A, LTA1, LITA2, AQA A Level English Literature B, LITB2, KS5 Archive, AQA A Level In classical tragedies, so famous in ancient Greece, the playwright presents a protagonist (a ‘hero figure’) who initially succeeds but then suffers a ‘reversal of fortune’: we watch his fall from grace because he ‘over-reaches’ and dares the gods in some way, angering them and causing them to bring about his downfall.

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The gods bring the hero to fail because of a human weakness – a ‘fatal...This section includes recent AQA A-Level and AS English Literature A (7712 & 7711) and A-Level and AS English Literature B (7717 & 7716) past papers.If you are not sure which syllabus A (7711 & 7712) or B (7716 & 7717) you are studying ask your teacher.[read more]Sigmund Freud 1856-1939, was one of the first psychologists - writing about how we think, and why.His ideas give us an interesting way of understanding literature.Enjoy transformation, transgression, claustrophobia, madness and explosive passion.This page is packed to the limits with resources for Elements of the Gothic for AQA English Literature B at A2, and for the optional Gothic Unit on the International Baccalaureate (IB) in English. The title 'Bloody Chamber' contains 'bloody', but can be interpreted in two ways: either as a murderous chamber - which we find in the story, or as a pun meant to refer to the womb, suggesting this will be a story about the female condition as victim of male violence as in the 'Bluebeard' story collected by Perrault.The physical claustrophobia symbolises the psychological limitations which cause mental pain...[read more]Horace Walpole's novel, The Castle of Otranto (1764) is usually described as the first gothic novel. It's set in medieval Italy with a claustrophobic castle, has a melodramatic plot, long-suffering females and uses archaic language.[read more] (1) besides this (as well as this), (2) furthermore (also), (3) also, (4) as well as, (5) on top of this, (6) foremost (most important, e.g.the foremost reason for the outbreak of war was...), (7)firstly, secondly, thirdly, (8) firstly, lastly, finally, (9) likewise (in the same way), (1) For example, (2) for instance, (3) in particular, particularly (e.g.


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