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In his painting, Munch presents women dressed differently and seemingly dancing with different men. The women in the portrait seem to be in different stages of their lives with the one in black seemingly the oldest and thus the most experienced in life.These women, according to Munch, were drawn to symbolize portraits of his lover Tulla Larsen.Below are some tips to ponder on when writing the body of an art analysis: When concluding an art analysis, always remember that you are providing your audience with the final judgment or evaluation of your work.

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The introduction of an art analysis shows your audience the beginning of your article whereas the thesis guides them through the entire essay.

Below are some tips to consider when writing the introduction and thesis of an art critique essay: With the help of a thesis statement, you are able to come up with concrete body paragraphs detailing the analysis from the observation you have made.

Below are some tips to put into consideration when writing the conclusion of an art critique essay: Going through your paper once, cheking everything is indeed important.

The significance of revising your paper lies in ensuring that you provide quality work to your reader(s).

Creating an outline for an art critique essay is as simple as that of any other essay.

It entails an introduction, a thesis statement, a body, and a conclusion.

To write the introduction of an art critique essay, you should start with a strong hook which catches the eye of your audience.

This will keep them enthused and interested in reading your writing.

Before you start writing any essay, it is important that you first know the kind of essay you are writing.

An art critique essay is a paper comprising detailed analysis and evaluation of an artwork.


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