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They were never intended to be administered against only the young and weren't.This is a common misrepresentation made by the media focusing on the 'youth' problem.When an ASBO is breached by someone under the age of 16 then a Parenting Order must be made.

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For the first two years only 300-400 were given out by the police.

However, when the Respect programme kicked in, the police and councils began to see the point of ASBOs, to curb anti social behaviour in order to make Britain more conclusive and cohesive.

People are looking upon the ASBOs as if it was the only measure that Labour introduced, but this is a misrepresentation.

ASBOs were set up as a civil order imposed by the Government to stop youths hanging around in certain areas and to give them curfews.

One of these calls has been for the data on other interventions used alongside ASBOs, therefore it is difficult to accuse arguments of being misleading when the Government itself has not published figures.

ASBOs were initially unpopular and were rarely administered.Where we have identified any third party copyright information you will need to obtain permission from the copyright holders concerned.ASBOs were introduced in the 1998 Crime and Disorder Act and were heavily criticised by many.In addition to this, the youngsters’ parents were given a parenting order which made them attend parenting lessons in order to solve the root of the problem regarding yobbish behaviour.Of course the ASBO would not work on its own, but it was not introduced on its own and therefore should not be judged on this basis.While this argument applies to the use of some ASBOs it is not true of all.It can't be claimed that because in some instances these orders are used together with a parenting order that you cannot consider the two orders independently.The Labour Party did little research but based the orders on anecdotal evidence from MPs constituencies.In light of how they have been utilised, have they proved effective?This creates a situation of net widening in the criminal justice system when individuals could be dealt with in a different, less punitive, manner.As a result many feel that applications for an ASBO should always be treated as criminal.[[ ASBOs can help effectively deal with individuals who fall through the net of the criminal justice system due to the minor nature of their crimes.


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