Assignment 2

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In this assignment, you will demonstrate the skills you have learned to this point by configuring two services: a database server and a web server.

You will install and use a database-backed web application, Wordpress, to show that these services have been installed properly.

For discussions, use the Discussion forum on Wattle.

If you want to create a new thread, then prefix the title of any such discussion thread with “Assignment 2 - [topic]”, where ‘[topic]’ is to be replaced with the name of the topic to be discussed. If someone has already created a thread for the relevant topic, then please use that thread instead of creating a new one.

DUE: Wednesday, 6/29 by AM This week you will be provided with a specific story (7 steps and armature) to develop with the goal of improving on it and putting your own spin on the details.

The groups you have been assigned are as follows: Group 1 Unlike your first set of three stories, you will develop this same story for the rest of the quarter.Your instructor will NOT accept the fact that your hard disk crashed and lost all of your work.If you properly backed up your VM images and xml configuration files to a USB, then you can purchase a new hard-disk or wipe and recreate your hard disk and restore your VMs.Due date: Your name will be called in the lab on the due date for the assignment.If you are not there when your name is called - you will lose 20% of your mark.For both lists, I am looking at a majority of primary sources, peer reviewed but I will also take abstracts, as well as reputable industry’s publications (Sport Business Journal comes to mind) that will most likely have a full text.Information I need for each item, is author (if provided), electronic address (so I can visit and retrieve it), and generally any information (journal or magazine name, volume, page, etc.) that will assist me in finding the same article myself.Use the following checklist to help you prepare for your pitch, and to also evaluate and improve your story. For example, if D="hello world", D1 has a hyperlink to D with text "link 1" and D2 has a hyperlink to D with text "link 2", then the output document for D should be D'="hello world link 1 link 2". Each week you will pitch it to the staff, receive feedback, and improve on it.For next Wednesday, 6/29, we would like individual projects, and for the rest of the quarter you will work on stories as a team.


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