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Also ask if you should include hyperlinks in the references or not.It all depends on the style required by the assignment and teacher.

These attention grabbers make an impression on your readers and provide an effective start to your essay.

Provoke your readers with a startling statement -- something they didn’t expect.

He should experience feelings such as anger, sympathy, wonder, amusement or curiosity.

Narrative grabbers, also called “hooks,” draw readers into a story.

Reinforce what you’re about to say with a thought-provoking question.

When you begin a narrative with a question, you’re making a point, not seeking an answer.

Consider who your readers are and relate to them in a relevant manner. If your audience is a group of middle-school students, you might tickle their fancy with a comical opening about your school dance fiasco: “My enthusiasm for the school dance suddenly turned to horror when I realized the pants I wore weren’t designed for doing splits.” Readers see and hear your narrative when you use direct quotations. Our family’s peaceful sleep swiftly turned into a terrifying nightmare when an unrelenting fire swept through our home last summer." Paint a picture with words, and your readers will instantly visualize the scene and make a connection.

They also get an inside glimpse into the feeling and emotion of your story. Include sensory details that establish a sense of time and place.

Quotation marks and sourcing the quotation is critical to show that you aren’t plagiarizing the material or ripping it off.

You’re just quoting a tiny clip to prove your point in an example or get attention in the introduction.


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