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Whatever the reasons, not everyone is on the same page when it comes to these 'no homework' policies.We find out why educators are both for and against these bans.

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There is no incentive to study and students' performance on assessments indicates poor preparation.

The additional review and discipline that homework requires goes out with the ban; students then develop poor study and poor test preparation habits, which will hurt their success in college.

Homework shows the student is willing to put in the effort to master the task.

This means that some students may have to work harder than others at achieving the same result.

Don't get me wrong, I am not saying that all learning should occur at school.

Kids should read at home, practice automaticity of already learned content (for example math flash cards), research current events on the internet, or explore academic computer games but they should also have the chance to just be kids.'' -Sara Croll, Literacy Coach and Author ''…I'm absolutely in favor of this ban.Solving homework math problems or answering comprehension questions from an assigned chapter in literature etc., exercises the student's thinking skills and memory and encourages the self-discipline required to be a successful learner.When homework is banned, it's hard to ascertain that students understand the material.With schools cutting recess time or eliminating playgrounds, kids absorb every single stress there is, only on an even higher level.Their brains and bodies need time to be curious, have fun, be creative and just be a kid.'' -Pat Wayman, Teacher and CEO of Howto ''I have found, over several years, that my students who do their homework understand the subject and earn better grades and are more successful in school because homework compels them to review and apply what they have learned.This runs contrary to the importance of self-regulated learning, a concept replete in the educational and psychological literature.It also sets them up for a terribly rude awakening if they want to succeed in college, a place where significant learning must happen outside the classroom.We see kids getting up hours before school starts just to get their homework done from the night before…While homework may give kids one more responsibility, it ignores the fact that kids do not need to grow up and become adults at ages 10 or 12.The adage of having to study 2-3 hours for every hour you spend in class means homework.By creating the idea that homework is 'banned' makes it, connotatively, a bad thing.


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