Benefit Using Internet Essay

A person intent on becoming successful in his career and business uses internet for taking online courses, for enhancing technical skills, marketing and selling skills etc.

It means there are various types of users that we can categorize according to their purpose in life.

Related: Importance of Internet Safety According to the definition of what internet was made for, internet should save your time and make you more productive.

It’s true in most of the cases such as banking, learning, marketing and social networking.

Big companies or rich companies can invest lots of money on PPC, online advertising- much more than a startup or small business owners- and therefore the big players capture the majority of leads in the consumer market.

A vicious cycle for the world economy where the already rich companies are getting richer and the smaller, poor companies are getting poorer.

If 90% of new businesses failed in the first 5 years then they failed due to competition from bigger companies from developed countries.

There are other reasons too but if you do a little research you will find that most of the companies and their ideas and market are already broken in and they are unable to grow further.

The Internet has now connected local cities with international markets and brands.

So it’s natural that new people or even experts in the local city are unable to compete online.


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