Benefits Of Learning English As Your Second Language Essay

Benefits Of Learning English As Your Second Language Essay-35
) Students who study a world language for just one year score an average of 38 points higher on the SATs.Even better: students who took four years of a world language showed scores that were more than a hundred points higher on average.What’s more, English is the commonly adopted second language of people in a great many more countries, including Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Germany and Holland.

) Students who study a world language for just one year score an average of 38 points higher on the SATs.

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However, do you know why learning English is so important?

Here are ten good reasons to take an English language course.

As well as the UK, a whopping 60 of the world’s 196 countries have English as their official language: the USA, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, to name but a few.

It’s the language of diplomacy and the official language of the European Union, the United Nations, NATO and the European Free Trade Association, not to mention many Commonwealth countries.

As you study this in your foreign language, you’ll also gain a new awareness and understanding of your first language.

This, in turn, will help make you a better writer, speaker, and communicator -- in all of your languages.If you speak English, there're lots of opportunities for you to find an appropriate school and course to suit your academic needs. By learning English, you will also learn about other cultures.Few experiences will make you grow as a person more than learning the values, habits and way of life in a culture that is different from yours.This increased cultural awareness provides for enriched interpersonal experiences such as building relationships, appreciating different ethnic and cultural values, and discovering unique histories and traditions.Bilingualism is a major asset in an increasingly interconnected world.By knowing both language and culture you’ll be able to travel like a local in other countries, and have experiences you could never have as a monolingual individual.As Geoffrey Willans said: “You can never understand one language until you understand at least two.” Part of learning a second language is learning the mechanics: grammar, tenses, structures.If you’re currently in the throes of trying to pick a language to study at school, or you fancy taking on a new language in your spare time, we’re willing to bet that the English speakers of this world would join us in giving you the following words of advice: if you have to choose one additional language to learn during the course of your years at school, make it English. That means that English is the language that will give you the best return for your efforts; after all, intellectual challenge aside, there’s little point putting a huge amount of time and effort into learning a language that you’ll hardly ever have the opportunity to use. Although it comes second to Mandarin in the total number of speakers, English is the language you’ll be able to use most widely, as it’s spoken in more countries than any other language.English is the language of science, of aviation, computers, diplomacy, and tourism.Knowing English increases your chances of getting a good job in a multinational company within your home country or of finding work abroad.


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