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Best Nursing Entrance Essays-3
Navigating the Admissions process for Nursing School takes time, skills and perseverance.

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In general, your nursing school application is going to require basics like: High school and college transcripts – Self-explanatory.

Call your high school or college registrar and get your transcripts.

Some nursing schools will accept applications at the same time that you apply to the college, but many require a separate application to enter nursing school; you may get accepted into the college, but not into the nursing school.

Associate’s Degree and/or RN: If you have your associate’s degree (ASN) and your RN license, you’re halfway to the BSN.

Essay/Personal Statement – This may be the hardest part, especially for nontraditional-aged students who haven’t been writing in class for a while.

It’s no crime to get someone to help you with your essay.Deal with these as best you can, but make sure you do them – Nursing school can be the most demanding two years of your life, and working as a nurse means long, physically and emotionally demanding hours.If you can’t keep it together to finish an application, no nursing school is going to trust you to get through a 14 hour shift in the ER.Generally speaking, “nursing school” is a particular school or college within a university, and they cover the last two years of a four-year college degree in nursing.Some nursing schools will begin nursing courses from the freshman year of college, but most do not start nursing courses until the first two years of foundational general education courses and prerequisites are done.If you’re still in school, take it to a teacher or Writing Center to get pointers; if you’re not in school, there are services online that will help you tweak your entrance essays, and lots of guides to writing a good college admissions essay.Remember – they want to see that you are professional and dedicated, so avoid the touchy-feely, but they also want your experience and personality, so use specific, real examples from your life.The most common admissions tests are the Test of Essential Academic Skills (TEAS) and the HESI.These tests are designed not necessarily to test how much you know, but to test how likely you are to succeed in a program.And answer the question they ask; don’t just send the same bland essay to every program you apply for.Admissions Tests – Like it or not, standardized tests are still the way more nursing school week out applications.


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