Business Disaster Recovery Plan

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The logistics of testing backups and performing as many backups as possible before the storm are also important in addition to the grainy details of how you’ll communicate with vendors, account for your assets and ensure that you’re back up and running as quickly as possible.

If you’re a little overwhelmed in considering these details you can engage an external resource to help you put a disaster plan in place so that you’re prepared for any storms that might come our way for hurricane season.

You’ll also want to include checking with your phone and internet providers on restoration and access.

These considerations are a great foundation for a complete disaster recovery plan, but make sure that you are paying attention to the details within each section of your plan.

A plan is essential because it puts all employees on the same page and ensures clearly outlines all communication.

Documents should have all updated employee contact information and employees should understand exactly what their role is in the days following the disaster.Make sure that you include vendor communication as part of your plan.Check with your local power provided to assess the likelihood for power surges or outages while damage is repaired in the area.When there’s water damage, documents start degrading in a matter of hours.Without the proper planning and recovery, document losses can be catastrophic.This way, a thoughtful plan doesn’t fall apart because you couldn’t access the individual who is most familiar with the details.When there is a fire, you might lose your company’s vital documents in an instant.In the past hurricanes have left businesses down for a few days or weeks, cutting out phone service, electric and wiping out servers and workstations.Ensuring that your assets, data and hardware are protected is only part of a disaster recovery plan – the rest is determining a process for how quickly you can be back up and running.Types of disasters that could affect a business include: As you consider the types of incidents that might affect your business, rate them in order of likeliness.(Your respective city’s planning department or Red Cross chapter can provide you with this type of information.) Then think of the ways that each disaster could affect your business and its stakeholders (e.g., employees and customers) so you can make the appropriate preparedness, recovery and continuity plans.


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