Business Studies Lesson Plan

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News flash This again is great to get students to focus as soon as they enter the room.

You can get students to work in pairs/small groups to work on a 60 second news flash of what they learnt last lesson.

The argument that Jim Collins makes is that the best businesses make greatness look effortless, and they deliver greatness consistently. We can all (hopefully) plan and deliver a good lesson, what makes us great teachers is the ability to do this day in day out.

Whilst great lessons, just like great businesses, come in many forms a simple checklist might look something like: Do students in your classes: For teachers then achieving consistent greatness breaks down to one thing: student engagement.

This has enabled Nestle to exercise corporate responsibility and demonstrate its business principles.

About this case study: As a result of carefully reading the Case Study, students should be able to: explain the importance of ethics, understand how a strategic approach to ethics is more likely to be effective, understand how ethics can shape responses to change.About this case study: This case study illustrates how Logica monitors its external environment using PEST analysis to adapt its own business and generate innovative and unique solutions for its clients.About this case study: The role of the IPO is to help manage intellectual property rightsto encourage innovation and creativity.We had fun writing it, and our students had fun trying things out – we hope it helps you achieve consistent greatness. Denry Machin Author of Collins Cambridge IGCSE Business Studies Student Book & Teacher Guide ®IGCSE is the registered trademark of Cambridge International Examinations Collins Secondary is the home of innovative learning resources for all stages of secondary education.We support thousands of teachers and pupils who are using our award-winning materials every day, and provide what you need to enhance the learning experience with our easy to use and flexible programmes.You can then ask the groups to present to the class instead of you doing the recap with them. These starters can be used at any point of the course… In September why don’t you try giving some of the above a try… Written by Donna Jestin Further reading Collins Secondary is the home of innovative learning resources for all stages of secondary education.Let's get the students familiar with common terminology used in business.This particular exercise focuses on ethics and environmental issues, a topic previously covered on this site.Case study examples of ethical and environmental issues are easy to come by; the challenge though is that students often remember the Most importantly the exercise is fun, and, as we all know, when things are fun students are more engaged, and are more likely to learn. the world's leading food company, developed a policy and current business practices that reduce the company's effect on the environment.About this case study: This case study shows how market research has helped Nestlé understand what consumers wanted to know about Nestlé products so they can make informed choices.


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