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The Institute for Capacity Development (ICD) provides training that builds capacity in areas essential to effective macroeconomic management, namely the analysis of macroeconomic conditions, the diagnosis of problems, and the design and implementation of macroeconomic policies.Some courses have an economy-wide focus, others address particular areas of macroeconomic management, such as the public finances, monetary and exchange rate policy, and the financial sector, with the consideration of issues in these topic areas set in their broader macroeconomic context. About 80 percent of IMF TA goes to low- and lower-middle income countries.

Moreover, capital budgeting renders a chance in order to minimize the sunk cost by not making non-planned capital investments for the purpose of long term and also irreversible due to long term in nature. The Impact of long-term investments: Long-term investments have a huge impact on the organization in accordance for cash inflows and liquidity.

Moreover, one wrong long-term investment will bring us to the failure of the entire firm.

When received, CV’s will be evaluated against the general qualifications and subject expertise criteria needed for inclusion on the IMF experts roster.

In some cases, the person might be contacted for further information.

Therefore, it is a widely implemented technique in order to classify the project is done on the criteria of profitability index.

Reducing Sunk Costs: In order to avoid sunk cost, it is a difficult task so as to accomplish the bigger projects.For inclusion on the IMF experts roster, individuals should have extensive operational or policy making experience in one of the subject areas; usually stemming from senior government positions or academic life.In some instances, a mix of public and private sector expertise could be beneficial.An expert undertaking a standalone TA assignment, will be expected to advise and assist the country authorities in specific areas of their special expertise as provided in a detailed terms of reference.While working directly with the authorities, the expert will be required to consult IMF staff at headquarters on substantial developments and issues, and coordinate with and report regularly to IMF headquarters.In addition to the immediate benefit to beneficiary countries, by helping countries design and implement better policies thus reducing their vulnerabilities, TA contributes to a more robust and stable global economy. To help IMF staff to deliver this program of TA and training, the IMF draws on an extensive and carefully vetted roster of subject matter experts from around the world to undertake short-term assignments in its member countries.The Fund is constantly seeking to add to this roster of experienced senior professionals.IMF short-term TA assignments usually involve participation in headquarters-led diagnostic missions of one to two weeks, or standalone short-term assignments of up to one month to provide hands on advisory assistance to country authorities.Occasionally, experts are sought for longer-term assignments in a country.: Any excess amount of cash that is raised through equity capital or debt should be used in the process of project continuity.Furthermore, retained cash can also be utilized for the purpose of potential source of investment in a project.: A project that has traversed the fledging hurdles and has a high rate of profitability index are considered to rank the projects.


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