Chancellor'S Dissertation Year

Established in 1972 by founding Chancellor, Daniel G.

Aldrich, Jr., the purpose of Chancellor’s Club gifts are to support undergraduate scholarships, graduate fellowships, and other areas of critical need as determined by the Chancellor.

In addition to research, Stephanie participates in professional development events through the GPS-Biomed program and an internship through UC Irvine Applied Innovation Technology Transfer Office. Her dissertation focuses on neighborhood social context and prematurity among infants born to black immigrant women in the state of California.

Stephanie has received accolades for her academic performance (ARCS Scholar Award 2017-2019), public speaking ability (semi-finalist Grad Slam 2016), and publications (critical review selected as top 10% of articles in journal); she also has a proven track record of securing funding for her research. In her work, she examines whether neighborhoods contribute to risk of premature birth by considering the intersections of factors in the receiving context (e.g.

The Office of Graduate Research will call for nominations from the supervisors of eligible students inviting them to submit a nomination.

The nominations will then be forwarded to the University Higher Degrees by Research Committee via the Office of Graduate Research.For more information about the awarding process for this scholarship, award or prize, download a copy of the regulations.You can find answers to your questions about scholarships, awards and prizes on the University's online help and support centre, Ask Auckland.Shakespearean drama, environmental criticism, and resilience discourse Danilo Caputo is a Ph. candidate in English, specializing in Shakespearean drama.Prior to transferring to UC Irvine, he received his master’s and bachelor’s degrees in English from CSU Long Beach. Julia Lupton, Danilo’s dissertation “Shakespearean Resilience: Disaster and Recovery in the Late Romances” examines Shakespeare’s late plays through the interdisciplinary lenses of ecocriticism and resilience discourse.CDIP prepares promising doctoral students for CSU faculty positions by providing financial support, mentorship by CSU faculty and professional development and grant resources., which are awarded each year to graduate students.Danilo’s interdisciplinary research is informed by his collaborative work across campus.In 2016, he was among the first cohort of UCI Climate Action Fellows led by Dr.The Information for examiner’s report also asks examiners to indicate if a student who should be considered for the Vice-Chancellor’s Prize for Doctoral Thesis Excellence.Recipients and supervisors should also refer to the research awards information.


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