College Essay Perseverance

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Although it might have seemed like a bad day, I was proud.

It was the first time I had ever fallen in a race, and not only did I get back up and keep running, I managed to place second.

Even when I started practicing law, “But you’re so smart …” became the stock response to my dissatisfaction with the work.

While certain things came easier to me (namely school and legal analysis), other pursuits didn’t.

In fifth grade, my parents were called in to my school and told that on the basis of an IQ test, I was being placed in the gifted and talented program.

From then on, through high school, college, and law school, I was told I was .

Texas Health Sports Medicine and the Ben Hogan Foundation are seeking nominations for the Ben Hogan Perseverance Award.

As a hurdler for County High, I stumble upon some pretty tough obstacles each time I race; the same is true in life.

But they haven’t given up on you-it’s now more than ever that they want you to succeed – it’s human nature to want the underdog to come from behind.

In a moving preface to her first book, Angela Duckworth shared her story of growing up as one of three children of Chinese immigrants.


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