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It is a test to see if you can get out of your head and open your heart.It is an exercise in exploring self—what makes you who you are, not who everyone thinks you should be.

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In a mentorship role she played for me last year, my Spanish teacher helped me figure out what people I want to surround myself with.

As a Student Ambassador, I myself am responsible for mentoring incoming students and helping them acclimate to the school’s unique online quirks (we don’t want their computers to crash on the first day of class! The give and take between teachers and students, and between different students, has been the best part of this community for me since I arrived as but a tiny 7th-grader.

The college essay is not a test to see if you can read minds or anticipate what the admission office wants to hear.

Plain and simple, they want to know about you, how well you write and how self-aware you are. Regardless of the topic about which you choose to write, be sure the essay reveals more about you than the other characters or places in the story.

  If all else fails you can default to the last prompt, which is essentially topic of your choice. Do not write your way into the essay by simply restating the initial prompt or question.

Instead, put the reader in the moment by painting a picture and then elaborate on why it is important.The buzz of my email nearly jolted me out of my chair. My mother came running in as I hurtled about the room in ecstasy. Upon arrival to the program, I was greeted by the twenty-seven other rising seniors who had been selected to spend the next six weeks together in creative writing- and mythology-based academic seminars.It was May 1st, 2017 – the day my decision letter from the Telluride Association Summer Program (TASP) was to arrive. However, said seminars only lasted three hours a day, and outside of them, we had to figure out for ourselves how to abide by the program’s three pillars of intellectual inquiry, democratic self-governance, and community service, hoping to fulfill the program’s goal of creating our own miniature ecosystem and bond like covalent electrons while doing so.The following are tips for these applicants in developing an authentic, impactful college essay: Don’t read the essay questions, read yourself.Most conformists will stifle their unique voice by attempting to respond to the specific prompts that the Common Application provides.His young mind races from topic to topic, each of which he dismisses immediately. His meaningful relationship with his deceased grandfather…overdone.The first time he received a grade below an “A” on an English paper...trite.To create a community wherein all members are equally cared for, for it is when this occurs that a community truly succeeds.To take inspiration from covalent bonds and stick together, rather than repel one another with mutual negative charges.It is my challenge to my community to notice our differences, and to treat each person with equal respect regardless of those differences.To have the empathy to notice how each of us contributes to the exclusion of others.


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