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But in writing an essay for a teacher your task is usually to explain what you are still engaged in trying to understand to someone who understands it better.Often when you write for an audience of one, you write a letter or email.

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Imagine them being interested in your topic but also busy; try to write something that is well worth your readers’ time.

Keeping an audience like this in mind will help you distinguish common knowledge in the field from that which must be defined and explained in your paper.

Your professor wants to see you work through complex ideas and deepen your knowledge through the process of producing the paper.

Each assignment—be it an argumentative paper, reaction paper, reflective paper, lab report, discussion question, blog post, essay exam, project proposal, or what have you—is ultimately about your learning.

When you write for a teacher you are usually swimming against the stream of natural communication.

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The natural direction of communication is to explain what you understand to someone who doesn’t understand it.Understanding your audience like this also resolve the audience mismatch that Elbow describes.As he notes, “You don’t write Another basic tenet of good communication is clarifying the purpose of the communication and letting that purpose shape your decisions.They aren’t trying to make your lives difficult, but it is their jobs to make us think and ponder about many things. Make sure you answer the question being asked rather than rant on about something that is irrelevant to the prompt.Timothée Pizarro With every assignment they give you, professors assign themselves many, many hours of demanding and tedious work that has to be completed while they are also preparing for each class meeting, advancing their scholarly and creative work, advising students, and serving on committees.But college papers aren’t written like letters; they’re written like articles for a hypothetical group of readers that you don’t actually know much about.There’s a fundamental mismatch between the real-life audience and the form your writing takes. It helps to remember the key tenet of the university model: you’re a junior scholar joining the academic community.To succeed with writing assignments (and benefit from them) you first have to understand their learning-related purposes.As you write for the hypothetical audience of peer junior scholars, you’re demonstrating to your professor how far you’ve gotten in analyzing your topic.Often, they’re grading your papers on evenings and weekends because the conventional work day is already saturated with other obligations.You would do well to approach every assignment by putting yourself in the shoes of your instructor and asking yourself, “Why did she give me this assignment?


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