Common Cold Research Paper

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Consistent with the bronchoalveolar lavage (BAL) results, epithelial eosinophils and neutrophil counts are increased in subjects with asthma when compared with normal subjects during acute RV infection (21). Rhinovirus, RSV, Influenza virus, parainfluenza virus and adenovirus are the most common causative organisms for common cold in pre-school children (7).Rhinoviruses are responsible for at least 50 percent of colds in both children and adults.The epidemic finally ends with a small wave of rhinovirus infections in April.Viral transmission may occur via inhalation of small particle aerosols, deposition of large particle droplets on nasal or conjunctival mucosa, or direct transfer via hand-to-hand contact. In a study investigating finger microbiology during daily public procedures, virus has been shown to be very efficiently transferred from hand-to-hand minimal contact, surface material, ventilation and human behavior (11).The symptoms of the common cold may be caused by a variety of viruses.The main difference of viruses causing common cold from other viruses is the duration of incubation period.Substantial titers of respiratory viruses are pesent in innate surfaces and also survive up to several days (12,13).The host epithelial barriers and both innate and adaptive immune responses influence the reaction of the host (14).RSVand influenza viruses are most commonly seen starting from december to april.Adenovirus infections are continuously present at a low rate throughout the cold season.


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