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The referencing style that you use depends on the expectations of your lecturer.

Always check first before choosing a referencing style.

Evidence should be integrated into your essays through quoting, paraphrasing or summarising.

All sources quoted, paraphrased or summarised in your essay must be in the reference list at the end of your work.

Objectives of the research: The main objectives of this study were to; 1) Develop a method for understanding the labor-productivity trends in the U. 2000) and, 2) To provide preliminary analysis of those trends over the past 25-30 years (Allmon et al.

Despite this, analysis showed that delayed installation was an effective policy.

Twelve of the larger builders agreed to experiment with this approach for a period of six months, though systematic checks made by police throughout the period found that builder compliance was variable.

This produced the recommendation that installation of appliances should be delayed until the new owners had taken up residence, thus effectively removing the targets of theft.

Once you have completed the above task, the next step and perhaps the most important step is to proofread your work.

This video will help you to better understand the required strategies of how to proofread your work.


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