Creating Custom Functions In 2010

If you want to customize K2 and add interaction with an external system, consider creating a Custom Service Broker and exposing the system as a Smart Object instead.

Inline Functions run in the context of the K2 Workflow Server, so they have the potential to affect server performance. The sample project is provided for demonstration purposes only.

I know I covered this earlier, but I thought it worth mentioning again.

Make sure to always prefix your custom functions with a unique identifier. Word Press provides hooks that allow developers to execute functionality at certain points within the Word Press flow.

There’s definitely a fine line between what should be in a plugin or a theme sometimes, but I encourage theme authors to try to limit a theme functions file to functionality specific to the theme itself.

If you haven’t already done so, create a blank That’s an extremely simple change and will most likely never cause you any headaches in the future. Global variables, constants, and classes should always be unique, so make sure these are prefixed as well.We’re going to kill a few birds with one stone here. This hook is fired once both the parent and child themes’ functions files are loaded. Even Word Press’ built-in theme Twenty Ten uses this (finally glad to see something like this in the default Word Press theme). This is done so that a parent theme can make pluggable functions.But, it’s a pain for many people because they’re trying to remove filters and actions added by the parent theme. Notice that you created a [parent] theme setup function and hooked it to The following are some things that you should definitely keep in mind when building your functions file.I know a lot of theme authors aren’t developers, only getting into Word Press themes because they love design. Please consider helping me write more in the future by making a donation via Pay Pal, grabbing something from my Amazon Wish List, or signing up at Theme Hybrid where you can ask me any support questions you want. These legacy items may also not be available, supported, or behave as described, in future updates or versions of K2.I won’t cover how hooks work here, but if you don’t know how to use hooks or even what they are, you should not be adding code to a theme functions file.Just dropping random snippets of code you’ve found from around the Web into this file is not something you should do.The information in this topic is relevant to both the K2 4.x Silverlight Workflow Designer and the K2 Five HTML5 Workflow Designer.However, the deployment procedure is slightly different for the different workflow design tools.Please see the legacy component support policy for more information about support for these components.Inline functions allow simple text manipulation, data type conversions, and math and date calculations in the context of a process.


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