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What else do you aspire to be incredible at in the future? He had had a tiring week (as per normal), but today was his day off.

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We’ve selected some inspiring images here for you to download and use as stimuli for your We Are Writers book.

Simply select one of the images to download it as a file*. Download image Ask the children to imagine that they are in one of the landscapes shown here.

Here are a few of the best places to find writing prompts and stimuli: Pinterest — Want some weird ideas to tickle your brain?

The Pinterest page Writing Stimulus has some pretty unique images that will get your mind working and give you creative writing ideas.

Download image What would it be like to live in this castle, or in the village beyond?

Get the children to work in small groups and come up with some interesting characters who might live in a castle like this.

What activities do you think Hulk would be good/bad at? He could totally relax and put to the back of his mind all of the things that had made him feel stressed during the week.

If you could have super powers, what would you choose? Walking the dog had always been one of Hulk’s favourite things to do on a Sunday.

What sort of adventures might the characters get up to?

I have put this together for my groups to practise creative writing for Paper 1 Question 5 on the new AQA English Language 8700 exam.


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