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For children ages 8-12 and caregivers aged 16 For more information ..Show don't tell is a phrase you may have heard before.Writing that shows us things about the character gets the reader more involved in the story than writing that tells the same information. You could say: “She was sad that he had left.” Or you could show the reader, ..Ideas for writing are everywhere – it’s just a matter of noticing them.

Maybe you just want to put pen to paper and see what happens.

Join NY Writers Coalition for a free, drop-in writing workshop available to the general public....

Spaces are limited to only 10 students per class so please register as soon as you can.

Central Library, Second Floor Meeting Room Adults creative writing writing workshop Are you working on a memoir, poem, or story and looking for some friendly feedback?

To kick off the new year, our most popular workshop for young writers is now open for registration.

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This 3-day workshop is perfect as an introduction to writing stories for new students who have not taken classes with us before, or to brush up on essential skills before starting a new school term.Our most popular workshops are meticulously designed and redesigned for to teach kids the fundamentals of creative writing in an encouraging and creative environment.Young writers are introduced to the basics of creative writing: they learn to generate stories, how to structure and populate them with interesting characters, and discover how to use their five senses to bring their writing to life.Mariam has an Master’s in Creative Writing from Royal Holloway, University of London and has been teaching writers of all ages for over five years.You can e-mail her at [email protected] NOW by filling in the form below.The workshop setting also gives children a chance to communicate ideas about both their own writing, and that of their peers, in a supportive and encouraging environment.In this way, children come away as better and more confident writers.Creative Writing for Children (CWC) is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to enhancing the creativity, confidence and writing capacity of children through writing workshops led by professional authors, editors, illustrators, actors, and other creative educators.In our programs, students write and illustrate their own books, which are professionally desktop published.Whether you’re a writer, an artist, or simply yearning to lead a more creative life, by the end of this workshop No previous tarot experience required. Held at by TWC Director Michelle Cameron This is one of a continuing series as TWC Director Michelle Cameron goes through the publishing process with hybrid publisher, She Writes Press.When Brooke Warner, publisher of She Writes Press, said these dreadful words during an author call, my […] by Laura Romain If I had to tell you what distracts me from writing, I’d say everything.


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