Critical Essays Bernard Malamud

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Bernard Malamud is a slender man with a graying mustache and inquisitive brown eyes that search and hide a little at the same time.

He is a quiet man who listens a lot and responds freely.

Bernard Malamud lives in a white clapboard house in Bennington, Vermont.

Spacious and comfortable, it sits on a gentle downward slope, behind it the rise of the Green Mountains.

On Saturday night there was a birthday party, with champagne, birthday cake, and dancing.

At the end of the evening the young people drummed up a show of slides: scenes of past travels; in particular, scenes of Corvallis, Oregon, where Malamud had lived and taught for twelve years before returning East.He has a quick laugh and found it easy to discourse on the questions asked. Still, I have here and there talked a little about my life: My father was a grocer; my mother, who helped him, after a long illness, died young.An ironic humor would seem to be his mother tongue. I understand that when the , you suggested doing it when you hit sixty? It’s a respectable round number, and when it becomes your age you look at it with both eyes. In the past I sometimes resisted interviews because I had no desire to talk about myself in relation to my fiction. I had a younger brother who lived a hard and lonely life and died in his fifties.On Sundays I listened to somebody’s piano through the window.At nine I caught pneumonia, and when I was convalescing my father bought me , twenty volumes where there had been none.That was, considering the circumstances, an act of great generosity. As a kid, for entertainment I turned to the movies and dime novels.Maybe derives from Frank Merriwell as well as the adventures of the Brooklyn Dodgers in Ebbets Field. Once in a while, on Jewish holidays, we went visiting, or saw a Jewish play—Sholem Aleichem, Peretz, and others.This novel is considered as being the only novel that does not follow the pattern Bernard Malamud set in his following novels, in which the central character is almost all the time Jewish or analyzes certain problems that Jews had to face.In fact, in is considered by critics as being a complex novel, blending a story about baseball with mythical elements.His wife, Ann, an attractive, articulate woman of Italian descent, had planned the party, assisted by the young people from Oregon and the Malamuds’ son, Paul, and daughter, Janna.The taping of the interview began late Friday morning, on the back porch, which overlooks a long, descending sweep of lawn and, in the distance, the encircling mountains.


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