Critical Essays On Jane Austen

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Compared Emma to Scott’s novel Rob Roy, published in the same period – in 1817, over 10.000 copies were sold in less than two weeks (Wenborn 35). There were few correction made to the text of the novel.

Thus, although many critics accepted Emma as a successful novel, there was no enormous public acceptance of the book. In addition, it has been found that Emma “was reissued, together with the other five novels, in Bentley’s Standard Novels series of 1832-33 and was reprinted in 1837, 1866and 1869” (Wenborn 35).

She shared her thoughts about the books she read with her family members. She started writing books and read aloud to her family members.

She paid due attention to pauses, emphasis and tone of voice.

Jane Austen believed that this book would survive the test of time; therefore, she was interested in readers’ response to her works (Tucker 7).

The novel Emma was the fourth published novel by Jane Austen.It is known that Jane Austen submitted the manuscript of her new book to the publisher, six months after it was completed in order to receive the money she needed to pay the expenses for her brother’s illness (Baker 37).John Murray had a good reputation in London and could help the author of the book to achieve success.The author of the book would have earned 221pound, but the publisher included the losses he had for the book Mansfield Park and gave Jane Austen only 38 pounds.However, in 1818, only 565 copies of the book Emma were sold at the price of two shillings each.Jane Austen herself rated her literary abilities and talents too low.She was really surprised to learn about her novel’s success (Parrill 23).The response to the novel Emma was unpredictable by the author of the book.Jane Austen collected the opinions regarding her novel Emma, analyzing the first responses to the works.As a result, the second edition of the book was issued only in 1833. According to Richard Mc Donald, “there are a number of good editions of the novel and many of them are augmented by historical and critical essays that can aid in the reader’s appreciation of the text and its critical history”(97).In the United States, Austen’s novel Emma was published without her knowledge in 1816.


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