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Originally intended primarily to educate teachers, these colleges now offer undergraduate and graduate degrees in a full range of fields.Today, the Cal State system consists of 23 distinct campuses, some of which maintain additional “off-campus” branches that extend their reach to a larger number of students.Like most state colleges, the Cal State schools were originally created to serve residents of that state.

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Applying to one or more schools in the Cal State system is different from applying to most other colleges in some significant ways.

If you’re hoping to get admitted to a Cal State school, particularly one of the more popular campuses, you’ll need to follow the instructions carefully.

In certain circumstances, you may have to provide additional information as part of your Cal State application.

What this might require of you depends on the school and the situation.

This means we’ll let you know exactly what and when you should be focusing on things like extracurriculars, college essays, standardized tests, and more.

Sign up now to get early access to our platform and get guidance applying to college!, you’ll see that it lists a “priority application filing period” that lasts from October 1 to November 31 for admission in the next fall semester.The term “priority” is a bit of a misnomer here; at some of the more popular campuses, all the available first-year spaces may be taken during this time period.Even among large state university systems in the U.S., the California State University system (referred to as Cal State or CSU, although there are other CSUs in the U. With a population of over half a million students, staff, and faculty members across its roughly two dozen branches, it plays a huge role in educating the state of California, and also attracts students from outside the state.However, students from other states and even other countries are also eligible to apply.Currently, nearly 479,000 students attend Cal State each year, and the system lays claim to the title of largest (by population) 4-year state college system in the nation.To learn more about the UC system and its application requirements, visit the College Vine blog post How to Write the University of California Essay Prompts 2017-2018.To be eligible for admission to any of the Cal State schools, you must have successfully completed certain college preparatory courses while you were in high school.You can find a full list of these campuses and detailed information on each campus on the Cal State website.Cal State also owns a number of other research and laboratory facilities throughout the state, including an observatory and a ship for training future mariners.


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