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I sent a long reply," I retorted."You sent an email but it was not the reply to my questions. I didn’t know what to say, except that I thought he was an extremely arrogant man full of attitude with a superiority complex of his job.I didn’t want to carry on with the conversation, but I did because I knew I would have to answer Papa after the call.As a thoughtful reply, I wrote to him in detail that I was a spontaneous and happy-go-lucky girl who was seeking love, chemistry, mutual understanding and a spark.

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I have always held onto this love and I now want to love someone to the best of my capacity," he said in one of the following conversations. How else could he know that I was seeking somebody who could love me to the best of his abilities?

I was now on an alert, and since I couldn’t hate Papa, I hated this prospect who could call me. Thankfully the phone call never came, but a month later an email arrived on Valentine’s Day.

The sender had politely asked me to be his friend, and while he told me about himself in a flat 10 sentences, he asked me if I wanted to change him.

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