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He goes on to write that women are a gift from God and therefore denying them education is an act of almost blasphemous ingratitude.

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Even after completing novels, Defoe was regarded with suspicion by some higher-class authors.

Perhaps because he suffered from prejudice himself, Defoe dedicated an essay, “Academy for Women,” to promoting educational equality.

In 1719 he published the novel Defoe wrote hundreds of nonfiction and journalistic accounts, but he was also a poet.

In the not-too-distant past it was more customary to refer to his “verses” than to his poems—and to add such qualifiers as “execrable.” In recent years, however, a few critics have begun to pay serious attention to the poems and to discover artistry in them and a reflection of his quick and subtle mind.

She has worked as a college composition instructor and ESL tutor.

She holds a Master of Arts in English from Mills College in Oakland.Defoe uses religious references to establish his own credibility and moral high ground.He states that God made women capable of learning and that none of God’s creation is unnecessary.Defoe was an acclaimed and prolific pamphleteer and journalist who wrote scabrous attacks on supporters of King William III and Queen Anne, William’s successor.Defoe was often imprisoned for his inflammatory writings.We have created files of all out documents to accommodate all these groups of people.We recommend that you download onto your mobile phone when it is connected to a Wi Fi connection for reading off-line.Some details are relatively harmless, such as Defoe’s reasoning that educated women will be more charming, interesting conversationalists.Others are more cringe-worthy, such as Defoe’s advice to improve women so that they are fit for men’s use just as men would rear horses.By presenting himself as advocating God’s will rather than his own, Defoe raises the stakes of the issue in the minds of his Christian readership. If you’re going “to make such a bold assertion, That all the world are mistaken…,” you need some incontestable authority backing you up.Defoe never argues against religion overall, but he does pointedly object to the plan laid out by his contemporary, Mary Astell, who envisioned women’s education taking place in seminaries.


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