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[tags: Dante's Inferno Essays] - In Canto XXIII of Dante's Inferno, the hypocrites, especially Caiaphas, provide an excellent example of Divine Justice as contrapasso.

The hypocrites presented their ideas as pure and good, while in reality, they did not act according to their supposed morality or practice the virtues that they preached.

Such a gruesome novel can make one wonder what the motivation was to create these literary works.

Being exiled from Florence and never returning to the place he once called home influenced the creation of the Inferno....

- In his first article of The Inferno, Dante Alighieri starts to present a vivid view of Hell by taking a journey through many levels of it with his master Virgil. The opening Canto mainly shows that, on halfway through his life, the poet Dante finds himself lost in a dark forest by wandering into a tangled valley.

Being totally scared and disoriented, Dante sees the sunshine coming down from a hilltop, so he attempts to climb toward the light.[tags: Dante's Inferno Essays] - Dante Alighieri’s Divine Comedy is an epic poem that begins with the Inferno. Those that are intentional and calculated are deemed more heinous than those that are out of passion....The Inferno is an extremely influential part of European literature. [tags: Dante's Inferno Essays] - In Dante Alighieri’s Inferno there is an abundant amount of violence shown in many ways.This violence occurs in many ways, sometimes mentally, sometimes physically and many times both combined.Some people may not enjoy the book for its violence, however, the violence of Dante’s Inferno contributes to the dark theme and mood of the book, showing Alighieri’s meaning even more....Superman should go to the eternal flames for his violence against God....[tags: Aighieri Dante, Inferno, Literary Analysis] - At the start of the poem we find Dante in the dark forest(Inf. Not much description is given maybe to show Dante’s disorientation.However, he encounters three wild beasts on the way up to the mountain—a leopard, a lion, and a she-wolf—which force him to turn back....[tags: Dante's Inferno Essays] - Dante's Inferno: The Levels of Hell Level One According to Dante, there are various levels in hell. All the individuals who die before being baptized and those who live as virtuous pagans are condemned to spend the rest of eternity at this level.[tags: Dante's Inferno Essays] - In Dante’s inferno, contrapasso is known to be one of his rules that mean, laws of nature.The term is used to describe punishment that was caused by a crime or sin.


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