Directory Of Paying Markets For Lance Writers

It helps to know how much you need to make and determine your per hour rate before agreeing to take on writing work.

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There are plenty of types of writing that are in demand.

You can focus on one type of writing, such as web content, or do several types.

You don't even necessarily have to have a lot of experience in writing. Other skills or experiences you should have include: Because of the relative ease of entry, very low start-up costs, and a better than average opportunity to work from home, writing is a highly competitive business.

Further, because the market is full, pay for many types of writing has dropped, especially for online writing.

Do I think it’s fair that technical writers get paid more than some journalists and novelists? I don’t think technical or sales writing is intrinsically “worth” more than beautiful prose.

But I won’t deny that the income eases a ton of the stressors of my past life (especially as the sole income-earner in my family, with a toddler and a husband who just went back to school).

My hope was to show them I could at least do research and put words into grammatically acceptable sentences. A few days later I was given an assignment, for which I would be paid more money than I’d earned in the last six months. I cleared out my schedule and locked myself in my office for an entire weekend. And I was asked to do another project—one that made the difficulty of my first akin to something called “How to Zip Up Your Fly: A Post-Urination Guide.” But the more I familiarized myself with the industry jargon, the more this type of writing started to feel natural.

Then one day I saw a job posting that told me the company was looking for a full-time writer. And although I still have plenty to learn, I’m now twice as fast at completing an assignment than I was when I started.

The Internet is a source of information and entertainment, and while much of that is offered visually, such as through video, the written word still the dominant method for delivering online content.

As a result, there is a large demand for freelance writers.


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