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In some fonts, there is a common edge except for letters that hang above or below the line, but in fonts that are meant to look more like handwriting, there is not.In any case, even with common edges, it’s not likely that your teacher will whip out a ruler and measure.

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You can increase this difference at the risk of the teacher noticing.

Changing the margins of a page is another great way to change the length of your paper.

By decreasing the amount of space the words can take up per page, you increase the number of pages required to fit your existing content.

Changing the left margin is a bit risky since most papers are left-justified, meaning that the left edge will be relatively the same for all papers.

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It’s somewhat difficult to make demands on essays for students – demanding that they have 500 words, for example, leads to really, really, very, extremely superfluous lists of adjectives and describing words like this sentence to up the word count.

Slight changes are fairly hard to measure in a printout, however, it is possible.

For instance, if a teacher were to print out the word “the” in Times New Roman size 12 on a piece of transparency paper, they could then hold it over a word “the” in your essay and confirm whether or not it’s identical.

However, when they forget to add that to the rules, you can change it to whatever you want (assuming there’s no blanket statement about it on the syllabus). Obviously you don’t want to choose a font that’s too difficult to read, as it may annoy the person grading it.

Below is a picture of the word “Hello” printed four times, each at size 12.


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