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The form and content of Human Ecology Essays vary widely.The Human Ecology Essay must be approved by the student’s advisor and one other faculty reader. All students must complete at least 40 hours of community service prior to their last term of enrollment.

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The predator insects that eat Kudzu was not brought with it so it grows better here than in Japan.

South Carolina is divided into three regions, mountains, piedmont, and coastal regions.

As you design and define your own major there are some degree requirements that will structure and guide your exploration of COA’s academic program. You will typically take three courses in one ten-week term.

These requirements serve as a foundation on which you build your own curriculum. In addition to earning 36 credits, the following are graduation requirements: You can search for courses that meet these requirements on the courses page. The following discussion concerns degree requirements for students who enter COA with less than nine COA credits—i.e., they enter as first-year students. Human Ecology Core Course: All entering students take this interdisciplinary, seminar-style course.

American gardeners used the plant for ornamental purposes. The vines climb trees, power poles, and anything else they contact.

During the Great Depression of the 1930s kudzu was used for erosion control. While they help prevent erosion, the vines can also destroy valuable forests by preventing trees from getting sunlight (The Amazing Story of Kudzu .n.d.).” Kudzu is a great example of a species introduced into a different environment and becoming invasive.There are opportunities for community service projects on campus and off. The senior project is a three-credit independent effort required for the Human Ecology degree.A significant intellectual endeavor, experiment, research project, or original work, the senior project both expands understanding in a particular academic area and brings together the skills and knowledge acquired during the student’s college career.Transfer students must also complete the internship, Human Ecology Essay, and Senior Project.[Back to top] Please note that while pages on the website contain accurate descriptions of degree requirements, they do not give the complete sets of policies that govern the fulfillment of these requirements.Black gum, dogwood and goldenrod are found near the coastal regions only because of the salty air and sandy landscape.Our environment is warmer than the northern piedmont regions and can offer better habitats for some plant and animal life.“The Venus flytrap is a native species in North and South Carolina.Because of a lack of nutrients in the soil where it evolved, the plant became carnivorous, deriving its nutrients by consuming animal life (Dinh, H.Transfer students must fulfill the Distribution Requirements and may transfer in one course for each of the three resource areas.For example, a transfer student could use one arts class taken at another school to partially meet the Arts and Design distribution requirement; another arts class would have to be taken at COA.


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