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As they continue their lessons, Franks world-weariness begins to show, and he is more down than up. In Act III, we see Rita rushing in late because of a talkative customer.He says that he wouldn’t hide so much from his girlfriend if she were more like Rita. Frank doesn’t care, but he mentions that her latest essay is rather short and that he has questions.As Rita progresses, Russell uses a range of dramatic techniques and tensions between the two characters to explore themes of the personal, class, relationships, gender, dependence, superiority and education.

Within this structure, the interaction between the characters explores the themes mentioned above, which have both significance for them, as well as for the audience who are able to identify with the issues discussed.

The way that the characters change as the plot develops shows what effect their different experiences have upon them, and how they shape the people that...

She tells him that he needs a haircut, but he denies it.

In their conversation, she asks him questions about literary terms, and she admits that her name is actually Susan.

Rita feels trapped by what he thinks are choices, however, saying that they aren’t real choices.

Frank invites her to a dinner party Julia is hosting, but Rita doesn’t attend.

Frank is initially the 'dominant male' with more knowledge and experience than Rita; he is the well-educated and confident lecturer to whom Rita comes to for help to become educated.

By the end of the play the roles are reversed, with Rita as the dominant educated character, with every option available to her, whereas Frank, who has turned to drink, is barely able to hold down his job.

She announces that she’s there for tutoring because she’ll be entering school once again. He tells her he’ll be headed to the pub, and then begins to speak with Rita. She points out a nude painting and jokes with Frank, who seems fascinated by her.

He offers her a drink and reveals his bottles hidden around his office.


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