English Literature Dissertation Subjects

Dissertations can focus on literatures written in English from various parts of the world, including, for example, American and African writing.

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Project Guru's dissertation writing service in Literature amounts to a specialized domain in analyzing novels, plays and acts among many other.

Only at Project Guru you will find expert writers who simplify the challenge of interpreting a 30-minute play or a 100-page book and create a 250-page comprehensive dissertation.

Dr Irene Visser: postcolonial literature and theory; American literature; contemporary literature; young adult fiction; dystopian and post-apocalyptic fiction; trauma theory and trauma fiction; post-9/11 literature; Maori Literature; Chicano Literature; South African literature; William Faulkner.

Dr Kees de Vries: nineteenth-century literature; Oscar Wilde; humour and literature; music and literature; literary theory.

A Master's track in English is a well-recognised postgraduate qualification in a market where having a good BA is no longer enough.

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Graduates go on to work in a variety of fields including the following: Some jobs are related to English literature (publishing) while other opportunities arise from skills integral to the course.The dissertations are creatively organized with interesting opinion of critics, first-hand analysis and concluding remarks.are at the core of the Master's track in English Literature and Culture, a programme that allows students a broad choice from a range of modules drawing on the full historical and geographical sweep of literatures in English.Your BA should show that you possess our minimum language requirements of any of the following: TOEFL i BT 110 (min. To assess whether your educational/academic background meets the specific programme requirements, we will consider the level and curriculum of your previous studies and the grades that you have obtained.This evaluation is carried out by our Admissions Office and the Admissions Board.It is a key tenet of the track that the academic study of English literature can be used to reflect on the ways that people - as individuals and as groups - interact with one another, and that it provides a catalyst for insight into contemporary social debates.Literature captures the separation and the solidarity of its writers and audiences in a manner particular to itself: it is a multidisciplinary practice that is as various as the texts it studies.', both of which address encounters with the New World and the inevitable conflict of worldviews that this entailed.The department can supervise a broad range of literature dissertations dealing with texts written on topics from Old English, Middle English, Early Modern, and Modern literature.Research in the Department covers broad areas of English literature from medieval times to the present.Our staff members run or participate in a number of international research projects, including the Hakluyt Editorial Project and 'Heroes, What Heroes?


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