Essay About Egyptian Revolution 2011

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The Muslim Brotherhood's attempts to participate in every protest against the Sisi regime in order to once again use these protests to their own ends, robs the people of any kind of sympathy for them.

Looking backwards, not forwards: "Retreating into the role of victim did little to help them [secularists and the Muslim Brotherhood] rectify their own mistakes or implement demands that would help them escape from the vicious circle of eternal self-pity and take an active role in the reconstruction of society," writes Mansoura Ez-Eldin Unprepared for the consequences of revolution For decades, a group of Egyptian oppositionists predicted the unavoidable end of the dictatorship and the approach of revolutionary turmoil.

They clung to this conviction even when everyone else had stopped believing them.

But when the turmoil actually arrived, nobody was prepared for it, or rather: nobody could see what the consequences of this revolution would be.

Although the Muslim Brotherhood was the first political force to use the "January Revolution" for its own ends, it was not prepared for being in power, having got used to being an eternal underground organisation, or at best an opposition party, ever since it was founded.

And so, after Mohammed Morsi became president, it ruled in the style of an underground organisation.

Right from the word go, the Egyptian writer Mansoura Ez-Eldin was part of the protests against the Mubarak regime in Tahrir Square in January 2011.

She became a chronicler of the revolution, reporting daily on the unrest in the Egyptian capital.

Egypt's secular revolutionaries were caught between the military and the Muslim Brotherhood.

According to Ez-Eldin, in their alliances with one camp or the other, the secular forces in Egypt "either always surrendered entirely to the conditions placed on them or they made demands that were then simply ignored, which they accepted without a whimper" The different camps in Egypt On the one hand, there are those in Egypt who have built the 25 January revolution up into a kind of Holy Grail that must neither be touched nor criticised – even if the aim is to save it or put it back on the "right track".


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