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Here is your short paragraph on my adventurous journey: Travelling has always excited me and when it gets more adventurous it is more interesting. So whenever they get time, we set out for our great journeys that are filled with lots of adventures, fun and excitement. My father told me that I would not be allowed great heights and no fuss at the location and so I had no choice, other than listen to him. I have only seen in movies and read in books how difficult it is and how one does trekking.I want them to be good role models, the kind of role model Papa was for me, and the kind of role model I try to be for them. After having it tucked away in my closet, long neglected, my wife pulled it out and hung it on our bedroom wall above my dresser, as a reminder of the standards I set for myself so long ago, and of those same standards we have set for our boys.

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” He said Mc Donald’s hamburgers were nothing compared to his. When Papa started making regular trips to the hospital, I knew it wasn’t good.

He lost a lot of weight from his chemotherapy, and his olive skin turned pale.

During one of his rare visits home, the whole family was gathered around his bed, talking amongst ourselves when Papa started crying. It wasn’t until after he died that I realized how special he was.

My aunt cradled his head in her arms and told him it would be alright, that he was not going to die. I had just barely graduated from high school, and my aunt was worried about my future.

My great-grandmother, Isaskovna, brought him to America when he was 3, in search of a better life.

She married a man named Shapiro and they settled in Nashville, changing Papa’s name to Isadore Abraham Shapiro.

But what I’ve tried to do, and what I expect my boys to do, is to be a good person, to be modest and to bring people together, despite their differences.

I want plaques made for them based on the kind of human beings they are, and the difference they make in this world.

He was very proud of his heritage and would let you know it. His sincerity, modesty and sportsmanship was something to be marveled at.

To all who come in contact with Shap, be proud of him and love him, as his type comes along only once in a lifetime. And I’ve never risked my own safety to save anyone’s life.


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