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The whole play is the result of the diversity of love and its different viewpoints. s love of an ideal, perfect, morally upright husband; Lord Goring? s love for money and political and social standing. An Ideal Husband revolves around many themes, none more important than love.

However, this play still revolves around love in its various forms; thus playing an important and thematic role in the play.

We all have some form of deficiency that deny us the coveted tag of perfection.

With all the poverty and misery that surrounded her, she always had the strength to put on a smile.

One of the traits of great leaders is that they always give people hope when there seems to be none. People rushed to her for comfort and assistance and she always found a way to help them.

She left behind a lifestyle of stability and opulence, took a vow of charity, chastity and poverty and then went to a foreign country to live with the destitute.

During her life, she suffered from many illnesses and injuries, including malaria, pneumonia and two heart attacks. The several setbacks she faced however did not deter her from moving on with her course.We are not remembered for our tallness or brownness, we are remembered for our virtues or vices.Therefore, an ideal person is one who possesses all character traits that are considered virtues in society.People know her from all over the world, both in the religious and secular circles. She therefore dedicated all her life towards a religious and humanitarian course and never looked back. After receiving approval from Vatican, she relocated to Calcutta for the rest of her life.Though she was not perfect, her life embodied what I would refer to as the ideal personality. There were instances where she felt like God had forgotten her and even questioned whether God really existed. Using her meagre resources, she wholeheartedly helped the poor and the sick.Cheveley is focused on acquiring wealth through the fraudulous Argentine Canal Scheme, at the expense of Sir Robert. Cheveley, everything plays second fiddle to wealth.Her relationship with Baron Arnheim proved to be quite profitable. His love is predicated on the idea of human imperfection and he accepts Lady Chiltern for her faults. On the other hand, her love can also be very nurturing and motherly at times, where one can often find her adopting a ? attitude, thus imposing upon and controlling Sir Robert like a puppet, through the power of her love. Wilde deals with many of these viewpoints through his characters. s love of life, his complete love for Mabel Chiltern and his past love for Mrs. Each love differs from the other, though each creates an impact in the lives of the character and the course of the play. s love is one which is strong and can bear the test of time, selfless and unconditional. I feel tonight that I have saved you from something that might have been a danger to you.?According to him, love is a healing force, one that can heal any wound, pardon any sins, except any against itself, and make life infinitely better, as he states in his melodramatic speech at the end of the second act. Luckily, for the Chilterns, Lord Goring saves their marriage, by making Lady Chiltern realize that her rigidity and hart-hearted nature was the cause, how she needed to ease up with Sir Robert, and shim the true love she felt for him.Her love transitions from a cold love for an imaginary idea to a warm love for a real man, whom she accepted despite his faults and shortcomings.


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