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While there are many distinct advantages to having national parliaments in each state, or even regional governments there are many negative factors that must be taken into consideration, the Welsh Assembly costs over �40 million pounds a year to run and only has secondary legislative powers10 while the Scottish Parliament building opened three years late, ten times over budget costing �431 million for the building alone.11 So extra cost is one major issue to consider, but so also is the added bureaucracy, by adding another layer of government you are adding another layer of paperwork and seemingly needless bureaucracy, especially in Wales where all important acts passed must be ratified by Parliament anyway. Conclusion Within the UK another discussed possibility is that of complete regional government, leaving Westminster purely to focus on the bigger picture, this has already been en-acted in London with the creation of the Greater London Authority16 but the idea has not caught on as when asked, "Should there be an elected assembly for the North East region?" 77.93% of voters affected voted No (with a turnout of 47.05%)17."Devolution means the delegation of some legislative and/or executive functions of central powers to local bodies, while the national powers remains responsible for major national issues such as defense, foreign affairs and macro-economics."1.

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In my opinion devolution offers itself as an alternative and a compromise to the break-up of the UK, not a stepping-stone towards that complete independence of all involved states.

Devolution offers a way to for states to hold on to individual cultures and nationalist traits while still leaving major issues such as security and foreign policy with an overruling power and is the UK's best and only chance of remaining a 'United' Kingdom.

As any opinion as to the possible break-up of the UK is merely hypothetical and subject to opinion it is important to look at devolution and other forms of similar government around the world and look at their effects on the state in question. Middle The drive from Orkney Island in the north of Scotland is over 700 miles from Westminster, even with the advances in modern communication technology and travel, it is insane to presume that a Parliament of representatives in Westminster, looking out for the good of the UK as a whole would have the very specific interests of the inhabitants of the Orkney islands in mind.

By allowing Scotland it's independence it could delegate regional governments more power to help regulate specific matters that concern constituents while at the same time reducing the burden on Westminster over small 'trivial' matters, best left to regional government.

I think there is, but I can’t pretend that it is easy or comfortable.

It is republican in spirit – which does not entail getting rid of the monarchy, as the many Continental monarchies show.Cornwall as a region also wants it's own independent government from Westminster but again I believe it is unlikely that it will ever achieve this level of autonomy as a small county.While there are clearly cultural divides within the nation I believe that a lot of the problems are caused by the issue of false patriotism, to quote George Bernard Shaw "Patriotism is the conviction that your country is superior to all others because you were born in it"18.In the modern economic climate it is necessary that the United Kingdom remains intact to avoid economic and political collapse.However, I also believe that devolution is a necessary reform to appease the nationalists who would otherwise (and still do, in lesser numbers) call for independence.It stayed lost after the Conquest; and indeed, the Norman rulers of England pushed further into Wales than their Anglo-Saxon predecessors had done. Henry II, William the Conqueror’s great-grandson, ruled a vast Continental empire stretching from the English Channel to the Pyrenees, as well as England.Inept kings, uppity barons, an aggressive church, restive peasants, a century-long war with France and bitter dynastic rivalries undermined his achievement.It seems implausible and foolhardy to separate any nation of the United Kingdom, but it is in theory possible that it could happen, I believe the most likely situation would be the Independence of Northern Ireland followed by its immediate annexation of it into the Republic of Ireland.I strongly believe that devolution is a compromise to independence and I do not believe that the government's policies towards devolution will lead to the break up of the United Kingdom. No one with progressive instincts can possibly be satisfied with either of these answers.The great question is whether there is a better one.


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