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It seems like Dogville was his statement on the human experience: we suffer throughout our lives and we’re all capable of true evil”.In his own words: “evil can arise anywhere, as long as the situation is right”.

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I view the film as anti-objectivist, and Von Trier’s hatred is explicitly pointed at human beings pursuing what they may think is in their self-interest.

The next film, Antichrist, seems to permeate a debilitating sadness if we choose to recognize the universe as an uncaring, unlawful place.

After a few years I had immersed myself in most of his works, and I grew to just understand where he was coming from.

As of now I view Dogville and Manderlay is a single film, and these two parts are the beginning of a trilogy all about Von Trier’s evolving understanding of our universe.

v=bc M4h6o UBx MI’ll never forget the first time I watched Lars Von Trier’s 2009 film, Antichrist. It was maybe the first time I fully grasped the fact that the sole purpose of movies is not just for entertainment.

I’d never felt this type of reaction to any film before., developing stories in counterpoint over the squares of a playboard -a maximally abstract reality with the common denominator of the suffering protagonist, Grace- in the theatre version by Sílvia Munt and Pau Miró we find, together with the scenario, audio-visual resources that cinematically delocalize the plot in outdoor landscapes, reversing the logic of the Danish creator in an impeccable way.Because the sense of drama is maintained in the most extreme sense, the one that sharpens urgent questions -already in the middle of the last century- and that postmodernity has not completely concealed: what is the meaning of the word Humanism?So after Antichrist I had to look up Lars von Trier immediately.His style is so confrontational in that he is unafraid to tackle difficult subjects regarding the human condition, like mental health, social issues, and mercy and sacrifice.Essentially, through terrific dialogue and convincing performances, Von Trier slowly but surely illustrates that every person at essence is unethical and nefarious.Perhaps we might all be malevolent to varying degrees, but we’re all malevolent nonetheless.It was beautiful, I was witnessing a true artistic vision.The shocking gore and disturbing subject matter undoubtedly can alienate others, but it only transfixed me to be more obsessed with finding out the purpose of the film.I maybe didn’t necessarily enjoy it, but I actually appreciated it.The cinematography and music choice of the prologue left me stunned.


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