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If you turn to a dictionary, feminism is defined as ‘the advocacy of women’s rights on the grounds of the equality of the sexes’.It is a simple explanation and it seems like a pretty fair approach to life. However, in reality feminism – especially in the modern world – is so much more complicated.Feminism in the modern world is about fighting for equal rights for women.

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So even though penning a feminism essay as a liberal male leader isn't quite groundbreaking—and could even be perceived as a calculated move to burnish a politician's image—isn't it nice to be reminded there's still a country out there, not too far away, whose leader would rather talk to his sons about feminism than talk to anyone about grabbing women by their genitals?These are issues that most women – and plenty of men – feel passionately about and are more than happy to support.However, there is also a different side to feminism that many women feel uncomfortable with.Other examples of gender inequality include women being told that they are to blame for sexual assault for dressing provocatively or girls being pushed into studying certain domestic subjects at school such as hospitality and secretarial studies rather than being encouraged to pursue interests in more male dominated subjects such as engineering.Then of course, if you look further afield to countries such as Pakistan and Saudi Arabia where women have fewer rights than men cases of gender inequality are far more extreme with women being forbidden from being in public without a chaperone and unable to go shopping or even drive.Several actresses including Jennifer Lawrence and Gillian Anderson have recently spoken out about being paid less for movies that they have starred in than their male co-stars – even in cases where they are the bigger box office draw.They seem to be discriminated against for no other reason than the fact that they are female.Unfortunately this is the brand of feminism that seems to get the most air time and while radicals are shouting about these trivial issues, the important stuff gets lost in the noise.In conclusion, it is clear that gender inequality is still a big issue and that feminists in the modern world are still fighting against it.There is a real need for issues of gender inequality to be tackled, but often radical feminism puts people off using the term feminism.Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has penned an essay about feminism in honor of International Day of the Girl, emulating former U. President Barack Obama, who wrote an essay about feminism in Glamour in August 2016. His buddy to the north, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, has followed in his footsteps.


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