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To prevent FASDs, you should not drink alcohol while you are pregnant, or when you might get pregnant.Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Medline Plus links to health information from the National Institutes of Health and other federal government agencies.

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Alcohol in the mother’s blood passes through the placenta to the baby through the umbilical cord.

Drinking alcohol during pregnancy can cause miscarriage, stillbirth, and a range of lifelong disorders.

Certain "protective factors" can help reduce the effects of FASDs and help people who have them reach their full potential.

They include There is no known safe amount of alcohol during pregnancy.

People with fetal alcohol syndrome have facial abnormalities, including wide-set and narrow eyes, growth problems and nervous system abnormalities.

Diagnosing FASD can be hard because there is no medical test for it.

The health care provider will make a diagnosis by looking at the child's signs and symptoms, and will ask whether the mother drank alcohol during pregnancy. There is no cure for FASDs, but treatments can help.

These include medicines to help with some symptoms, medical care for health problems, behavior and education therapy, and parent training.


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