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There is always a crowd of people, most angry and upset, hanging around the area.

There is always a crowd of people, most angry and upset, hanging around the area.

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From March 2012 to December 2012, , in partnership with local research institutes in Nepal, India, and Bangladesh, initiated a research project to examine the challenges of labor migration by focusing on the aspects of migration process of documented and undocumented migrant workers.

Perhaps the most popular song in Nepal right now is Suna Saili, in which a young man working in Qatar thinks of his wife back home and tells her to persevere until he comes back.

For this, they are willing to pay a high price and many fall through the cracks.

At the Department of Foreign Employment, workers can lodge official complaints against individuals and agencies.

In recent years, though, sobering cases of labor exploitation and labor trafficking have been reported by Nepali labor migrants, who are increasingly calling for stronger government policies to protect the rights of migrant workers.

Qatar, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, the UAE, and Kuwait are the top five labor destination countries with the highest number of Nepali migrant workers.News about government officials using the fund to go on foreign trips further irks migrants and recruitment agencies. After three months of being paid just 0, he decided he had enough.He went to the Nepali Embassy in Malaysia and got a temporary passport.In a decade, the Welfare Fund has amassed more than m.But many complain the money has not been utilised properly.The new wealth is visible across Nepal - small villages have turned into towns and private schools, clinics and shops have mushroomed across the country.With Nepal's unemployment rate currently hovering at 40 percent, many young men and women say their only option is to find work abroad.It is precisely for these reasons that a Foreign Employment Welfare Fund was created - a fund each worker pays to.The fund has the mandate to repatriate stranded and sick workers, and provide compensation to the families.He went to Malaysia four months ago to work in a garment factory and was promised 0 a month for his work.He paid 0 to the recruiting agency in Kathmandu for the job and 0 for medical tests.


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