Essay On Hard Work Brings Success

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Or, from another angle, I think we’ve probably all been in classes or jobs with people who seem incredibly intelligent, but just aren’t that effective or successful.They may have poor communication skills, or spend too much time thinking about theory without taking action.

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Pure intelligence is what most people mean when the say “IQ,” and that’s supposed to be measuring your brain’s “hardware.” The software, then, is all of the knowledge you acquire as you grow up and go through school and life (i.e., math, science, philosophy, how to interact with people, athletic skills, musical ability etc.). Some research shows that pure IQ can actually increase over time with higher levels of sustained education.

Standardized tests like the ACT and SAT and LSAT clearly correlate with IQ, but at the same time can absolutely be prepared and practiced for.

Reading the book seems like a good idea, but isn’t probably all that effective.

If you put in a lot of time preparing for your math test by reading the text book, and then you don’t perform well, you may lose faith and motivation.

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Additionally, some people request promotions or demand more pay, not because it’s it.

In all these cases, the common denominator is the same — hard work is not part of the equation.

In so many walks of life, intelligence is helpful, but only one of many factors that lead to success. ” Hard work is problematic because it can be applied in the wrong ways.

And, when this happens, it can even backfire, lead to failure, and decrease motivation.


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