Essay On Innocence And Experience

(In ‘The Little Girl Found’, the parent’s’ perception of the lion as fearful is transformed -then they followed/Where the vision led’- by meaner of transforming their vision, their perspective, the parent’s’ fear disappears (nor fear the wolfish howl,/Nor the lion’s growl’).Within the pastoral frame of the Garden of Eden, Blake explores inner tensions, exposing and attacking social problems.

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The conventional goodness of Flake’s time, therefore, is Just a passive failure o act out desire and is not something to be admired, unlike evil which is evidence of positive energy:. Evil is the active springing from energy and Energy is eternal delight.

So, in the volume of Songs of Innocence and Experience, the tensions, oppositions or conflicts are within the frames of a song, as well as between the two contrary worlds of Innocence and Experience.

The pivotal word, ‘bright’ stands between Local’s and her parent’s’ attitudes to nature (for the parent’s, it is a dark, unknown world of fear; for Lacy, it is safe and bright.

) The lion licks Local’s bosom and the lioness ‘Loosed her slender dress’.

The same situation or problem is seen through the eyes or perspective of Innocence first, then Experience.

Blake stands outside Innocence and Experience, in a distanced position from which he recognizes and attempts to correct the fallacies of both perspectives.

(For example – ‘Introduction’ of Innocence, ‘The Shepherd’).

Secondly, he radically redefines the relation of the pastoral to the city because the Songs as a volume could be said to take place in the city.

The pastoral is often seen as a nostalgic looking back at a lost paradise, a lost Eden, a lost Golden Age.

However, Blake does something different with the pastoral.


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