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Modernization theory offers an account of the common features of the process of development drawing on the analysis of Durkheim and Weber.

Modernization theory offers an account of the common features of the process of development drawing on the analysis of Durkheim and Weber.

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Moreover, the setting up of manufacturing industries has worsened the problem.

Countries have introduced legislations but they are not effectively implemented because of corruption and economic problems.

As a result of the change in the economy, the society itself underwent changes in values, beliefs and norms. Today, the term, ‘Modernisation’ is understood as an attempt, on the part of the people, particularly those who are custom-bound, to adopt themselves to the present time, conditions, styles, and ways in general.

It indicates a change in people’s food habits, dress habits, speaking styles, tastes, choices, preferences, ideas, values, recreational facilities and so on.

Wild animals are losing their habitats due to modernization as they attack humans encroaching into their areas.

Balanced approach is the need of the hour or else the whole planet will become uninhabitable in the future Pollution: Clearing of the forest has resulted in the loss of trees which in turn increased pollution level of the environment.Conclusion: It is important for people to use the concept of modernization is a constructive manner.Instead of focusing on uneven development, a holistic approach should be carried out to get the desired results.They are connected by broad roads crisscrossing the land, however, increased modernization or in other words, urbanization entails own advantages and disadvantages.They are as follows: Enhanced medical facilities: The immediate impact of modernization is felt on the general health of the population.Smart cities: Modernization is responsible for creating smart cities wherein close circuit TV cameras are installed at every road intersection to monitor the traffic.They house educational institutions of higher learning that impart rational and scientific thinking.Aviation technology has led to an increase in air travel with tourists flying from one continent to another.People engaged in manufacturing and services get employed in huge numbers.People can communicate with each other through smartphones and tablets.They are able to access the website and gain information about the distant countries and tourist spots.


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