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Later on there would be another movement in the 1830’s known as the abolitionist movement, ran by two legendary Americans William Lloyd Garrison and Fredrick Douglas....

[tags: emancipation, slaves, slavery] - The movement against slavery had begun before the mid-nineteenth century; it was not new to anyone.

The North, not relying so heavily on the strenuous work of slaves due to the reliance on skilled work as opposed to strength-required labor, agreed with them and removed most of the slave force in the North.

However the South remained unfazed by the North’s movements towards a more equal society between races.

Whether it was on the methods to end slavery or what will transpire after it is abolished.

Not only were there differences between races on how to handle the movement, there were also differences between people within the same race....Abolitionism of the 1830s and on led to a great movement in America.The division of a country came at hand, leading up to various riots white men themselves killing each other over the freeing of slaves.The individuals in the movement consisted of both back, free and not free, and white individuals.Although both races were involved in the moment there were many instances where race and gender would separate the two.Many of the slaves that were taken from Africa couldn’t be more distraught with being sold into slavery but overtime as the older generation that had memories of freedom were replaced by the generation that only knew servitude.This generation was socialized into their position of enslavement, a lack of self-worth, and no access to education gave the illusion of happiness....Many of these historical events happen during the period of Harriet Jacobs.There were a couple of words that were confusing, for example; advocate, denounced, and egalitarianism.[tags: Abolitionism, William Lloyd Garrison] - The main idea of the article titled “Abolitionist Movement”, is mentioning the important events that happen during the 1830’s to the 1870’s.The abolitionist movement is mainly about movements that occurred in order to help slavery and it reveals how important figures never gave up to free their people.


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